Research-Based, Heart-Centered Practices that Result in Exceptional Levels of Productivity, Skill, Joy and Confidence


Have you ever wondered what the best leaders do on a daily basis, how they build rock-solid teams, and what their mindsets are regarding taking risks, facing adveristy and failure?  What sets a good leader apart from an extraordinary one? And why are some successful people happy while others are irritable, pressured and short-tempered?

Participants will learn about twenty years of research on extraordinary leaders and what sets them apart from everyone else. Through his research as an executive coach, Brandon Burchard has indentified six habits that lead to long-term success and well-being. Prior to the training, participants will take a free online assessment that will provide information regarding each individual's current use of each high performance habit. During the interactive training, there will be reflective partner and group work, practice with recommended strategies, and the culmination of an action plan for each participant to take away and implement.