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Jennifer L. Bashant, Ph.D., LMSW, MA, founder of Building Better Futures LLC, is an Educational Consultant and Trainer, with the mission to provide educators with evidence-based strategies to reduce challenging behavior in the classroom, and therefore, have a positive impact on learning. She is extremely passionate about her work, which is evident in her high-energy, engaging trainings and in her ability to connect with educators in a compassionate and authentic way.

Jennifer provides training and embedded coaching to educators regarding the most behaviorally challenging students. Her approach is trauma-sensitive and strengths-based, and she seeks to foster collaborative relationships between educators and students as they work together as partners in learning. Jennifer has been trained in Collaborative Problem Solving and the Mindful Schools curriculum for students ages kindergarten through grade 12. As a certified DiSC Leadership and Work Style Trainer, and a certified EQ-i 2.0 trainer, Jennifer also trains administrative teams, building leadership teams and teachers about emotional intelligence and how to communicate more effectively with others.

Jennifer has been an invited speaker at various conferences, including the New York State Families Together Annual Conference. The College of Saint Rose's School of Education Fall Conference on Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Maximize Student Engagement, The Dawn Hochsprung Center for the Prevention of School Violence Annual Conference at The Sage Colleges, Russell Sage's Annual Capital Zone Conference and the New York State Education Department Center for School Improvement. Dr. Bashant has previously served as a Research Scientist for the NYS Office of Mental Health, at Researcher at the Center for Human Services a the University of Albany, and an adjunct professor in the School of Social Welfare at the University of Albany.