Many companies have realized the tremendous benefits of promoting the physical well-being of their employees, as evidenced by the numerous weight loss competitions and incentives, gym memberships and boot camp workouts offered during the lunch hour. Some business have also made it a priority to maximize the physical comfort of employees during the work day by purchasing ergonomic furniture and equipment, and providing training about how to arrange one's work station so as to promote physical comfort and ease. But the development of employees' mental resources are at least equally, and some would argue more, important to business operations.

Resilience and happiness are two qualities that just about everyone would agree are important for employees to possess. One needs resilience to be effective at a job, cope with stress, navigate issues with others and push through challenging situations without giving up. Happiness, or an overall sense of well-being, is positively correlated with resilience, so when one increases, the other does as well. Knowing exactly how to develop these qualities can be more complicated than offering a workout plan or a good nutrition plan, but that is where we can help.

This training is based on the work of Dr. Rick Hanson, which is drawn from the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness and neuroscience. Participants will increase their resilience and happiness by learning specific strategies for meeting these three basic human needs:

  • Safety – Compassion, Grit, Calm and Courage

  • Satisfaction – Mindfulness, Gratitude, Motivation and Aspiration

  • Connection – Learning, Confidence, Intimacy and Generosity

This training is full of practical, engaging strategies, insights and practices to help employees feel confident, and remain calm and centered in the face adversity. Participants will leave this training feeling empowered to experience more joy, improved relationships and an improved sense of well-being at work.