An Evidence-Based, Trauma-Informed Approach to Reduce Challenging Behavior

  • Do you have students who:
    • Are frequently absent or tardy from school or certain classes?
    • Are frequently asked to leave class for disruptive behavior?
    • Have high numbers of referrals and/or suspensions?
  • Have you found that traditional discipline approaches such as using rewards and consequences as motivators are not effective with these students?
  • Do most teachers report that these students are hard to reach? Are they at a loss for what else to do?

Decades of research in neuroscience shows that challenging behavior is tied to lagging cognitive skills in five areas: executive function, emotion regulation, cognitive flexibility, social skills and language processing. Teachers can repeatedly give consequences and offer incentives, but behavior will not improve until we help students develop the cognitive skills needed to meet our expectations. The graphic below illustrates the many components of the Collaborative Classroom approach to working with students with challenging behavior.

This collaborative, skill-building approach has been show to:

  • Establish or strengthen the relationship between the child and the adult
  • Often being immediately reducing challenging behavior
  • Build cognitive skills and students' ability to meet expectations
  • Solve problems durably by addressing the root cause of the behavior

Dr. Bashant has been sharing this empowering approach with teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, social workers and parents for six years. Data that has been collected show significant improvements in social emotional skills, improved relationships and a decrease in challenging behavior for students in kindergarten through high school. Jennifer has worked with several students who have successfully transitioned from self-contained classrooms to regular education classrooms as a result of the partnership between Jennifer, the teacher, the student and the parents.

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