The Collaborative Classroom® Training & Embedded Coaching

This collaborative, skill-building approach has been show to establish or strengthen the relationship between the child and the adult, often begin immediately reducing challenging behavior, build cognitive skills and students' ability to meet expectations, and solve problems durably by addressing the root cause of the behavior.

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Trauma-Informed Classrooms

A trauma-informed behavior approach that includeds positive relationships, a strengths-based approach and supportive interactions has been proven to greatly reduce challenging behavior, improve student engagement and increase learning outcomes.


Mindfulness Training and Coaching

Children and teens who practice mindfulness are more likely to be kind, perform better academically, have less stress and anxiety, more self-control, improved focus and less depression. Dr. Bashant introduces this superpower to students and teachers in the classroom setting.

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6 Habits of Extraordinary Leaders

Research-based, heart-centered practices that result in exceptional levels of productivity, skill, joy and confidence.


Fostering Resilience and Happiness in Your Employees

This training is full of practical, engaging strategies, insights and practices to help employees feel confident, and remain calm and centered in the face of adversity.


DiSC Team Development and Effective Communication

Use this model to help develop more effective teams and highly engaged and motivated employees by increasing emotional intelligence to help employees to first, better understand themselves and their own work style preferences and priorities, and second, to understand what motivates others and why they behave the way they do.


Emotional Intelligence for Leaders (Training & Executive Coaching)

This training will help you gain a deeper understanding of the five areas of emotional intelligence (EQ) as they relate to a leadership role. In addition, specific strategies that are tailored to individuals needs for improving emotional intelligence will be shared.

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Trauma-Informed Practices for Colleges and Universities

This training covers everything from defining and recognizing trauma, to learning strategies to promote resilience as well as incorporating mindfulness in the classroom.